dios.dios_options = {'dios_repr': 'indexed', 'disp_max_rows ': 60, 'disp_max_vars': 10, 'disp_min_rows ': 10, 'mixed_itype_policy': 'warn'}

Options dictionary for module dios.

Use like so: dios_options[OptsFields.X] = Opts.Y.

  • dios_repr: {‘indexed’, ‘aligned’} default: ‘indexed’
    dios default representation if:
    • indexed: show every column with its index

    • aligned: transform to pandas.DataFrame with indexed merged together.

  • disp_max_rowsint

    Maximum numbers of row before truncated to disp_min_rows in representation of DictOfSeries

  • disp_min_rowsint

    min rows to display if max_rows is exceeded

  • disp_max_varsint

    Maximum numbers of columns before truncated representation

  • mixed_itype_policy{‘warn’, ‘err’, ‘ignore’}

    How to inform user about mixed Itype

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